In 1964 Bourbon was declared “America’s Native Spirit” by congress…Who’s running this Country?

National Bourbon Heritage Month

In 2007 a bill was passed unanimously by the US senate, you can draw your own parallels on that. This bill may have been passed only 12 year ago, but Bourbon was leaving a trail long before then.


In 1783, Evan Williams opened the first commercial Bourbon distillery. The actual origin of Bourbon seems to be a bit cloudy, but Bourbon is a spirit you can see through. The Amber color is not added, it is naturally created from the oak barrels. It seems that over the centuries Bourbon has held its own. In fact, today it is one of the most popular forms of whiskey in the U.S.


Bourbon is commonly, 95%,  made in the state of Kentucky. Bourbon is 51% corn. Nothing but water, grains and yeast can be added. It is aged in new American oak barrels. Other spirits (scotch, tequila, wine, etc are aged in used Bourbon barrels)

You can travel to Kentucky and experience the variety of Bourbon, learn about Bourbon and meet some of the talented Americans creating America’s Native Spirit. I would suggest just heading over to Louie’s Douglas Inn and trying a new Bourbon drink with each visit. Our owner, Abby, will be featuring a different weekly special, made with Bourbon. Keep checking back with the website or follow us on Facebook


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